What is PDO Thread-Lift?

Thread Lift is a minimally invasive technique using special polydioxanone threads (PDO threads) to elevate different parts of the face and body.

PDO thread lift is an effective Anti-Ageing procedure undertaken at Flawless Aesthetics by Nurse Sarah Barker’s technique and helps to reduce visible signs of ageing, minimise face and body wrinkles, tighten saggy skin, help rejuvenate down-turned mouth corners, facial shadows, helps to contour the cheek areas, and lift the facial contours and tighten the jaw.

How is the treatment carried out?

A very fine needle is used to insert the PDO thread into the skin. The thread is introduced into either the skin itself, the subcutaneous fat, or the muscle, depending on the area being treated. The PDO threads will give the skin an immediate, natural improvement in appearance. As the PDO stimulates the production of collagen over time, the skin becomes thicker, tighter and firmer leading to fine lines and wrinkles fading away.

Short strands of threads are used to treat fine lines around the eyes, while thicker strands can be injected into the muscles of the forehead as an alternative to Botulinum Toxin (Botox). A lifting effect will result from using longer threads in the neck and jawline.

Reddening at the thread introduction spots disappears 3-5 hours after the treatment. The threads will be absorbed naturally by the body in six to eight months but the effect of the treatment can last for up to two years.

Is a PDO thread lift for me?

This procedure will enhance the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while stimulating collagen and fibroblast production. In addition PDO thread lifts will tighten pores and skin texture, induce a healing effect which stimulates the production of new vessels (angiogenesis) and slow down skin aging. The down time is minimal and the procedure only causes negligible pain.


  1. anonymous

    Amazing results in such a short amount of time! I am very pleased with my facelift, thank you very much I feel so much happier in myself and I have received so many compliments recently I can’t thank you enough I feel so confident now! ?

    • Hi thanks for the feedback that’s great! I’d love to see you for a review and a catch up my new aesthetic website for booking appointments and clinic news is Flawless Aesthetic Clinic

      Much appreciated and so pleased you’re happy with the treatment and result!

      Sarah xxx

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