Nurse Sarah Barker – business ethics policy. 

Nurse Sarah Barker carries out duties and conduct in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards. 

Sarah Barker is a Registered Nurse and as such follows the NMC Code of Conduct. Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses, midwives and nursing associates.

The purpose of this policy is to remind you that nursesarahbarkerhas always required and will continue to require you to observe the ethical and legal standards applicable to nursesarahbarkerbusiness. 

The policy does not summarise or refer to all laws and ethical rules that govern your conduct. Rather, the policy describes at a minimum the conduct expected of employees. 

Other purposes of the policy are to protect nursesarahbarkerfrom criticism and litigation and to preserve and enhance nursesarahbarkerreputation as a good corporate citizen. 

While it is not practical to list all ethical considerations applicable to employees, it is obvious that employees should treat all nursesarahbarkercustomers and the customers’ account holders or shareholders as well as all nursesarahbarkersuppliers honestly and fairly. 

Accounting nursesarahbarkerhas certain prescribed accounting and reporting procedures, including procedures for expense accounts and other payment systems, which must be adhered to. In all accounting records and reports as well as supporting documentation, you must accurately reflect and describe corporate transactions. 

You must not falsify or alter the recordation of data to conceal or distort assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, or performance measures.