A couple of years ago I cam across a brilliant book which really hit a nerve (in a non complaint way lol).

Its written by Will Bowen, who had an idea to help the world become a better place.

CCKFvWWUsAAmlrv-300x285 Trying to be complaint freeThe meaning behind the word – Complain

express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something.
“local authorities complained that they lacked sufficient resources”
synonyms: protest, grumble, moan, whine, bleat, carp, cavil, lodge a complaint, make a complaint, make a fuss; More
state that one is suffering from (a pain or other symptom of illness).
“her husband began to complain of headaches”

Thoughts create our lives

Im sure by now most of us on the planet have heard about the self-help book by Rhonda Byrne in 2006?

This was based on beliefs and works of Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill who gave credit to Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie.

Further publications by her and other self help, positive influencers, the late and brilliant Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Ester Hicks etc all agree and try and spread this amazing belief.

I personally agree, I have 2 close friends who constantly complain about the ‘problems’ and issues in their lives and just get more of the same ‘problems’, nothing changes or moves forward, I love them dearly but I constantly nag them to take action to change things.

I’m not saying I’m perfect far from it, I moan, whine, complain and am NEVER satisfied with my lot, I always want more and those close to me literally call me a spoilt brat lol!

Its true I’m so lucky I have a wonderful family 2 beautiful healthy children a supportive husband (who I manifested 8 years ago by writing a list of exactly what I wanted in my next relationship) a beautiful home in the area I vocally wished to live in, before that I lived in a barn conversion, which I wrote down years before I wanted to live in one.

However, I still moan complain and am becoming more judgemental and I need to stop! Heres why I beleive I do!

“The Universe is change, our life is what our thoughts make it” Marcus Aurelius

“We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we believe” Buddha

“As thou hast believed, so be it done to thee” Jesus

“Change your thoughts and you change your world” Norman Vincent Peale

“We become what we think about” Earl Nightingale

The list goes on, if we are complaining we are talking and therefore thinking about something NEGATIVE!

Complaining keeps us focussed on the PROBLEM not the SOLUTION!

In Chinese the word complain is written as two symbols “hug” and “ego”, makes you think?

So this book suggests you get yourself a wristband or purchase one from www.complaintfreeworld.org and wear it, when you hear yourself complain, gossip or moan change it from one wrist to the other, the average person will complain at least 13 times a day!

The 21 day challenge is not a simple one and some people have taken years to do a consecutive 21 days as even if you make day 1 then complain on day 2, you start again so its NOT straightforward one lady who the author spoke to said she had tried it for 5 years and said ‘you’ll probably bury me in this bracelet, but I’m not giving up’ so it doesn’t matter how long it takes and the evidence suggests just bringing complaining into your consciousness helps stop it in its tracks and trains you do do better once in the rhythm of it you can stop the complaint before you even speak it!

So I’ll let you know how I get on! If you want to join me brilliant let me know!

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