Pink-livingroom-ss-may292019-7-min-1024x681 Ultimate Guide to home family fun!

   Fun Activities for Adults

  1. Read a great book. Choose a fantastic book and read it from cover to cover.
  1. Create your own film festival. Create a list of related films to watch and start making your way through that list.
  2. Take an online class. Dive deep into a subject by taking an online course.
  3. Plan a trip. Map out the places you’ll go on your next big trip.
  4. Take a virtual field trip. Virtually explore great locations around the world, like museums, national parks, and even the Great Wonders of the World.
  5. Connect with family and friends. Catch up with those who matter most to you, either on the phone or through an app.
  6. Practice meditation. Learn to calm your mind, relax your body, and focus entirely on the present.
  7. Keep a gratitude journal. Increase your happiness by writing down things for which you’re grateful.
  8. Get some exercise. Get your body moving and blood pumping with an indoor workout.
  9. Watch a TED talk. Listen to experts deliver inspiring talks on a variety of subjects.
  10. Declutter your closets. Get rid of all the things you don’t need that are cluttering your closets.
  11. Take a nap. Rest and recharge with a lengthy nap or a much shorter power nap.
  12. Explore Reddit. Make your way through thousands of online forums on every subject imaginable.
  13. Learn to play an instrument. Finally learn how to play that instrument you’ve always wanted to play.
  14. Take up a new hobby. Follow your interests and start a new hobby.

Fun Activities for Families

  1. Play a game. Enjoy a classic like Monopoly an old one like Charades.
  2. Read a book together. Introduce your kids to great books and get them into a love of reading.
  3. Clean and declutter. Work with your family to tidy up all those spaces that are out of order.
  4. Build a fort. Use cushions, chairs, and blankets to build a fort for you and your kids.
  5. Learn how to code. Introduce your kids to coding apps, websites, and games.
  6. Create a family website. Use a simple website builder to create a family website.
  7. Make a movie. Use your smartphone to film and edit a movie starring your family.
  8. Have a dance party. Create a playlist of your favourite dance tunes and get everybody on the dance floor. Better still upload it to tiktok.
  9. Play indoor sports. Create competition and burn off energy with indoor sports.
  10. Make a sensory table. Let your kids feel and try to identify a variety of textured objects.
  11. Write letters to loved ones. Have every family member write a letter by hand to someone they love.
  12. Play word games. Increase everyone’s vocabulary and have fun with classic word games like Mad Libs, crossword puzzles, and word searches.
  13. Have a pizza party. Give everyone their own dough and let them make creative pizzas.
  14. Do an indoor campout. Create an indoor “campsite” and sleep there instead of in bedrooms.
  15. Put on a puppet show. Help your kids make puppets and then put on entertaining shows.
  16. Learn about new locations. Choose a location, print out pictures of it, and learn interesting facts with your family.
  17. Go on a treasure hunt. Create a series of clues that will eventually lead your kids to a prize.
  18. Do a challenge. Turn a normal activity into a “challenge” which everyone can perform.

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