This morning I was feeling pretty low, angry and crappy!

I put on a brave face and managed this until I got my youngest to school.

On the way back from school I felt tearful as I had all this pent up frustration, a business discussion had gone badly and I felt I had been taken the P…..mickey out of.

I struggled with it, spiralling down and down, a friend managed to distract me (a sensitive friend, I couldn’t hide it), she helped me, but when she was gone I was back upset, angry and wanting to react.

So how do you over come this?


My friend managed to distract me for a few minutes and managed to reassure me, my feelings were normal. She suggested Meditation, which I was going to try, however when she had gone, I re read, emails and texts that just wound me up and got me upset again. So if you use this, stick with it or find something else to distract you.


I didn’t need to think about this much, I’d just taken one of my daughters to school and my kids are my world so this helped. I also rang my husband and although his suggestion wasn’t helpful ‘just forget about it’ lol, I was still grateful for him.

I looked in the garden and we’ve recently got a new above ground swimming pool in our garden. So I was grateful for that……

I was still STEWING

Take Responsibility

The situation I’d been angry about was the fact that I trusted some people, who I’d met in person and thought they ‘were lovely’ so I bent over backwards to please (as is my personality) and drank in their stories to be genuine.

I’ve done this and been stung on numerous occasions, so I need to take responsibility for the fact that I was naeve again.

Take Action

So could I ‘do’ anything about the situation? Well I was extremely P”*ssed off with some people re a business problem, I’d bottled it up and not said anything so I sent an email as diplomatically as I could I sent it, telling them how I disagreed with their behaviour and hoped that we would both learn from it (as I’d also taken responsibility for my own stuff).

So did I feel better I’d got stuff off my chest? Yes.


Smiling releases feel good factors, so no matter how gloomy, trick your mind and body into a happy state.

Inhale Sweet Orange

Essential Oils are VERY powerful and can affect our physiological and psychological state, get some and see more at

Look for the Positives

So I was upset this business deal had been a waste of time, but the business I was selling was still mine, the holes they picked in it could be rectified to add more value. I was still the owner of a distribution business and maybe the timing isnt right. Do you know what?

Tell the Universe what you want.

As crazy as it sounds I asked the universe to find me another buyer, I meditated and said ‘please source help me’ and my agent has called this afternoon to tell me I have a phone meeting at 5.30 today!!!! NO WORD OF A LIE!

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