Have you thought about what you want to be doing in a years’ time? Are you clear about what your main objective at work is at the moment? Do you know what you want to have achieved by the end of today?

If you want to succeed, you need to set goals. Without goals you lack focus and direction. Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction; it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you are actually succeeding. Think about it: having a million dollars in the bank is only proof of success if one of your goals is to amass riches. If your goal is to practice acts of charity, then keeping the money for yourself is suddenly contrary to how you would define success.

To accomplish your goals, however, you need to know how to set them. You can’t simply say, “I want” and expect it to happen. Goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve, and ends with a lot of hard work to actually do it. In between, there need to be steps that lead you to the specifics of each goal.

so ….

Step 1 – Dream Big

We all can have an easily achieved goal like getting up by a certain time and making a cup of tea? So we can do it, we can set goals and achieve them so let’s set some a bit bigger? Write it down to reinforce it it can be anything, for example I wanted a bigger more luxurious car as I’m travelling more with work so that’s one goal and having a more organised house was my other. See the next step.

Step 2 – Don’t see why not

Don’t just think ‘oh I couldn’t afford that’ one of my pet hates to hear and to hear myself saying. Why not? Could you work an extra hour, could you sell 3 more products a week, could you sell something? Are there any new opportunities open to you earning more? Can you cut down on spending? This is one I do love ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’! So I needed 2 more customers or 10 more sales a month and that’s doable for my new car!

I had those house goals above and always tell people ‘I’m not domesticated, I hate cleaning’ I’m not sure where those negatives came from, but by setting simple goals I’ve changed all that by diving in!

Step 3 – Dive in

So now, as soon as I get downstairs setting the washing machine off with a load and unloading the clean pots from the dishwasher so the kids don’t just look in it, see it’s full and then just leave their breakfast pots on the side!

Research what it is you want? ………. the holiday, the car, the dress, the house, what have you got to lose?

Go for it!

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