Clinical Journal Articles I’ve Written

In my nursing career I was honoured to have written articles on skincare, post aesthetic treatment make up, microneedling, Business tips among other things. I’m really interested in skincare and skin treatment having suffered with acne and scarring for many years myself and only endorse clinically trialed scientifically proven products and treatments.  

Anti depressant withdrawal relief

relief and relaxation

What I have found useful is alternative therapies, I particularly like doTerra Emotional Wellness kit The doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy System is a revolutionary organization of aromatic plant families around a continuum of emotions for a simple, profound approach to using fragrant essential oils in emotional aromatherapy applications. Individual essential oils can be used with great …

Depression in a Nutshell


DEPRESSION Whilst it is completely normal that everyone has moments that they feel low or down, especially if they are dealing with difficult circumstances or events, it is important to make the distinction between this and depression. The latter is a condition which requires appropriate treatment and is a state of ongoing low mood irrespective …