Yin-Yang-1 9 Spiritual Symbols and their Meanings

Lotus flower

The lotus flower, as part of the flora, has the ability to grow in muddy waters. For that reason, it represents the ability of humans to rise above life’s challenges and obstacles and reach spiritual awakening. It’s the symbol of purity and enlightenment. 

Yin Yang

Deriving from Taoist philosophy, the Yin Yang symbol represents the balance and harmony of opposites. What’s more, the now universal symbol can help cultivate inner harmony and balance. It serves as a reminder to seek balance in life and understand the interconnectedness of all things.


This multi-dimensional symbol contains three times the number seven—the seven chakras. The Antahkarana is a sacred symbol in Tibetan Buddhism, representing the bridge between the conscious and unconscious minds. It’s said to ward off negative energy.

Yin-Yang-2 9 Spiritual Symbols and their Meanings

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a powerful symbol deeply rooted in Celtic spirituality and mythology. It depicts a tree with roots that reach into the earth and branches that stretch towards the heavens. 

While the symbol has several different meanings across cultures, there are overarching themes as to what it represents. It often signifies the unity of all life, the cycles of nature, and the connection between earth and heaven.


The infinity symbol, often depicted as a sideways figure-eight, represents the concept of endlessness and the unified nature of all things. On a spiritual and metaphysical level, it can also carry the meaning of regeneration and eternal life.

Spiral Sun 

Also known as The First Healer, the Spiral Sun is another Native American symbol that dates back to 1500 BC. For many Native Americans, the sun was the first shaman and thus the first healer.

Yin-Yang-3 9 Spiritual Symbols and their Meanings

Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra is a sacred geometry symbol. It consists of nine interlocking triangles enveloped in a circle. 

  • The upright triangles represent Shiva, the female energy, 
  • The five downward triangles represent Shakti, the male energy, and
  • At the center, there is Bindu, the point at which all creation came to be.


Also known as “the breath of life”, the Ankh is one of the oldest symbols of eternal life and rebirth. This ancient Egyptian symbol is made of a cross and a hoop; the cross represents the physical plane of existence, and the hoop symbolises eternity. 


Similar to the pentagram, this five-pointed star is enclosed in a circle. The pentacle is also found in pagan traditions and is a symbol of protection, balance, and the elements.