So you’re fed up of looking at that line between your eyebrows or the little crinkles around your eyes and you think…..

Is it time for botox?

Botox isn’t as scary as it sounds, UNLESS you don’t use caution when choosing the right practitioner.

Botulinum toxin comes in various ‘brands’ bocoture, botox, Azzalure, disport, xeomin etc

These are basically the same PRESCRIPTION ONLY drug and therefore should be given by a medical professional e.g. doctor, nurse or sometimes dentists or pharmacists.


Number 1 Ensure you have a consultation and full assessment by a medical professional or one of their team before you have a treatment and don’t feel pressured. If you feel pushed into the treatment, leave as this needs to be your decision.

You should expect to pay between £130 – £500 if its cheap its probably too good to be true leave well alone! It could be fake, it could be over diluted, so it won’t last, so if its less than this price, (it’s an expensive drug to prescribe) so if its cheaper BEWARE!

Number 2 Look at the cleanliness, reputation and reviews of the person carrying out the procedure, don’t just assume if you’ve seen a doctor, they will do things by the book or be experienced, during my 12 years as an Aesthetic nurse I have often corrected work by local doctors with clinics nearby.

Number 3 Is there another option? Ask about micro needling for fine lines, good skincare, chemical peels.

Number 4 If in doubt I’m happy for you to contact me to help you make that decision.

Number 5 Bear in mind this is a very safe treatment if the above is followed, it can last 12-16 weeks and there are little if any side effects.

If you are interested in a consultation please book in to my clinic.

Sarah xoxoxo

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