One of my online businesses is AFFILIATE MARKETING LADIES

So whats your favourite subject?There are thousands of affiliate programs, and you can promote virtually anything you like, simply use the affiliate programmes search at Wealthy Affiliate.

Simply type in what interests you be it makeup, clothes, pet stuff, travel, kids stuff or homeware theres an affiliate programme for it where you earn commission on every click! Keeerching!!!! 

This then brings a list of websites wanting their link promoted on your
website and social media and what they pay out.
Screen-Shot-2020-01-30-at-19.30.15-1024x499 What do you love to online shop?
I personally select affiliate programs based on the following:

The commission (the more the better right?)
The cookie length/referral period (How long you can earn from the link)
The conversation rate (How interactive the website is)
Product ratings and reviews
Personal experience, trial, and errorI learn’t all about how to do it signing up with Wealthy Affiliate.

Good luck and Happy marketing!
wa_starter_650x255 What do you love to online shop?

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