Sometimes we are not warned about the side effects of the medications let alone the side effects of trying to come off anti depressants.

Twice during my life with depression I’ve come off / tried to come off the tablets or capsules with horrific side effects, once on Seroxat and now on Duloxetine!

By my doctors advice I’ve tried taking a tablet every other day, on the day off by the afternoon, I feel spaced out, shaky, and the other symptoms are hard to describe, unless you’ve experience it (a lot like depression itself) I feel Manic, obsessed and fixed on things, and almost like a switch in my head is being turned on and off – like a strobe. ┬áIve now been back and asked for a lower dose to take every day instead and will alternate them as I cannot cope with this feeling and feel like Im unsafe to even drive.

I found this interesting article that explains more

Antidepressant_Discontinuation_Syndrome (1)

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