I remember one day standing by my cool boss’s desk many years ago in my 20’s when I was a medical secretary. I was eating a mars bar chocolate bar, just after I’d finished a bag of salt and vinegar crisps.

At the time she was in her 40’s (we’re still close friends today) and she said “wow, when I was your age I could eat things like that now I have to be so careful, if I even look at that too long I’ll put a lb on it’s so hard when you get to 40 odd keeping weight off”.

As the young naeve 20 something, I thought ‘oh it can’t be that hard surely’ never giving it a second thought until ………… hitting 40!

With my first daughter I was 27,put about 2 stone on and easily walked and breast fed it off. I was actually a amaller size 10 with a washboard stomach and managed to stay a 10 at max 12 through most of my 30’s.

I had my second daughter at 39, until 3 weeks ago I was practically the same size!

So I’m on day 21 of a 30 day weightloss or clean eating plan (well day 17 if you count the naughty days lol) I’ve lost 6lbs!

DAC66908-1B50-441E-9C91-DA261D84C067-300x286 My 30 day weightloss plan - day 21

Watch this space I’ll let you know how the next 9 days go (shhhh I’m not counting the chocolate and gin days off lol)


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