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About Nurse Sarah Barker

Hi I’m Nurse Sarah Barker. I’m 49, married to my total opposite, but also my rock, and very lucky to be a mum of 2 beautiful daughters 22 and 11!

Being a woman in my 40s with mental health issues, I’ve had my ups and downs in life and health and over the years I’ve worked hard to get where I am and care for my family.

As a registered nurse for over 16 years with a background in healthcare of over 20 years. I have worked in the NHS in various parts of the country, private care homes, private clinics, both in General and Mental Health.

I’m passionate about helping people with health wellness and spirituality so love to post on Nurse Sarah Barker about things I am interested in and that I think may interest others.

My Passions

My Medical Career and Nurse Training Courses

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Me and my Chihuahua, Princess

My work

I’ve been employed and self employed and successfully built up businesses, one aesthetic/non surgical treatment clinic and also a health, wellness and spirituality business, it’s been hard and I’ve almost felt I’ve had 2 full time jobs and was becoming increasingly stressed and frustrated by juggling my family, which is not ideal for me OR my valued customers.

I’m passionate about aesthetics and patient safety and have been an aesthetic nurse specialist for over 10 years, I now regularly train doctors and other nurses and medical professionals in policies and procedures in the aesthetic field.

As I’ve lost family members close to me in recent years the saying ‘life is too short’ has always been something I’ve said to other people, but now is my time to be determined to be financially secure and make sure my family and I have the freedom to spend time together and do the things we love!

I’ve read so many self development books over the years, listened to affirmations, been to training days, tried to just ‘think and grow rich’ and I KNOW this WILL happen for me, so now is the time for me to put all that I’ve learned and believe in into practice, I hope you’ll share this journey with me?

’Lifes too short’ to wait! Let’s start the right path now!

With kind regards