If you follow my Facebook Page you will see that I love working my home businesses! I do regular posts on the amazing health and beauty benefits of the Essential Oils, Botanical Skincare I sell or become an affiliate marketing business and work on something you love.

You can learn to grow your own business with me from as little as £160, purely working from home and I can coach you how to effectively establish yourself as a home business entrepreneur!

You will get amazing FREE education and support with myself and my amazing colleagues, PLUS goodies for yourself to use and share with others.

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12 thoughts on “Working at Home

  1. mzakapon

    Hi Sarah,

    Your article inspires me to do a home based business. I am planning to be successful in affiliate business. I already purchased a domain in the Wealthy Affiliate and got a premium membership. I have very little knowledge on marketing and I am trying to learn that. I hope I can establish my site as like as you. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Hi thank you for the feedback! I’ve learnt so much from the Wealthy Affiliate community and training and affiliate marketing works so well either stand alone or along side. I love my home businesses and they have changed my life I use the products myself everyday so I believe in the benefits to myself, my family and others which always helps so that’s why I also sell products and help people build their own businesses up by passing on what I have learnt. I wish you well and am here if you need any help. Sarah 

  2. charles39

    sarah you have very  intresting site  working at home would be a dream come true for me i have  been working in foreigh  country know i feel its time for to make a change and find a job that i can work at home  and   that would be adream come true for me thenkyou for the post it will get me to make  a final decesion on best ways to work at home

    • Hi Charles thank you for the feedback, my home businesses have changed my life I use the products myself everyday so I believe in the benefits to myself, my family and others which always helps. There are international opportunities with my wellness company which gives back by building hospitals and helping charities so what is not to love? I am so much happier now I can work less hours in my regular job where I have to be away from home and my family to be earning money. All the best and I’m sure you can make your dreams come true! Sarah 

  3. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    I have just liked your Facebook Page and I loved the healthy tips in your articles, they are awesome. I have been looking for an online adventure and along the way, I have tried two programs but they were all a heap of crap full of upsells and no quality courses. I am really ready to try your recommendation, I feel like I am losing a lot of opportunities online. Please help me get started

    • Hi there are so many opportunities available, my advice is to look carefully at the compensation plans if you want to really make money from home. You rightly say that training is important that’s why I have chosen 2 companies who offer regular free training and support and who are super friendly and not pushy as it’s important not to feel like a job you have to work at 24/7. I’d love to chat to you more about this I have tried a few companies over the years, but I’m really happy with the 2 I have now. Some people ask why 2? Well the companies are quite different so if someone isn’t interested in the make up and skincare they are usually interested in wellness products (who wouldn’t be right?) thanks again for your comments. Sarah 

  4. Sarah I found your site to be very clean and precise but I really wanted to see more information, especially about the essential oils. It is a wonderful product and deserves more attention. 

    I have some myself and I really enjoy using them.  

    My daughter has become a Doterra consultant here in Australia and I will send her a link to your website.  

    • Hi Judy thanks so much I will certainly take this on board I would love to see your daughters website, thanks how long has she been with doterra? Sarah 

  5. Hello, 

    I like your website!  It is easy to read and easy to navigate. That being said, you have a suggestion about working from home in this article for £160.  Is this price a one-time fee? You also say that there are free education and support. Is this part of the price or something separate?  This sounds like what I am looking for! How do I get more information about this opportunity?

    • Hi there thanks so much for the feedback! The essential training and support is all free. The products are fantastic and I did a lot of research into working from home comparing compensation, pay out plans. I’m earning a steady amount now, which has lead to me cutting hours at work and I’m attending some international training in May which I’m so excited about! To get more information you can email me through the contact form? I’d love to chat with you? Sarah 

  6. Weldone and keep it up, I can see you are doing amazing stuffs on facebook, posting useful contents about products and useful tips on beauty and business. I hope to start learning from you preety soon. I’m also wondering why there are more post on your facebook page than on your website, Any particular reason? Please I would like to hear from you


    • Hi Zuchii thanks I guess I am more used to Facebook and spend more time on social media than here on my site I didn’t really think about this much before so I am really grateful you got my attention. I am happy to help you anytime thanks again much apppreciated. Sarah 

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